About Us

Hi, I’m Katherine Greenway...

The owner and operator of Slaying Scarlett Skincare & Cosmetics.

Slaying Scarlett was launched on 11/13/2019 with the goal of reliably delivering hypoallergenic, botanical skincare to all women, but specifically to those in their 30s - 40s showing the first signs of aging.

The 2nd part of my mission was to offer an extended range of makeup hues to women of color who continue to face challenges in finding the perfect shade for their complexion.

I have loved cosmetics since I was a little girl and it's clear to me now that my daughter, Scarlett Erin (the company’s name sake) has continued this love with her passion for skincare and makeup today!

As a mom, I am extremely concerned about ingredients and ensuring products are safe and suitable for my daughter's skin. So, as a skincare provider I am meticulous about bringing that same concern for safety to you.

2 Points of Concern _
  • Slaying Scarlett provides all North American made products (except the German made Kohl eye liners).
  • Slaying Scarlett is environmentally conscious and guarantees that none of our products are ever tested on animals. We offer plant based, botanical skincare and fragrance-free, luxury cosmetics that are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

Welcome to my store!